What is SEO? Technology meets people.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization.I’m back in the SEO game lately. Well, I’ve never been away but it’s “trending” more than ever in my environment.

The general understanding of “SEO” strikes me though. It’s not a box full of technical tricks. It’s just some science, some art and a portion of gut feeling.

But it’s mainly about the way technology works in combination with the way humans behave. Hence the questions that provide an answer to “what is SEO” are:

  • How do people search?
  • How do search engines work?


I could write a book or give you a presentation to answer the above questions. In fact I would be happy to do so.

Most important to know however is that both are dynamic or evolutionary – changing over time. Another striking similarity is the fact that both phenomena can never be completely understood by anyone. Whatever somebody states, he doesn’t fully know the algorithm by which e.g. Google scans, indexes and ranks web pages. And that’s equally true for the other aspect: you cannot fully understand how people search information digitally.

SEO: the intersection of technology and people

Overlooking the above vision on SEO, one could easily derive the best SEO advice ever:

What seems a good thing on your webpage for a human being

will be good for your ranking in search engines (= your SEO efforts).

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