Facebook's history of innovations. What's next?

Facebook - online social network

Facebook - online social network

Facebook is pushing its latest product innovations hard these days. Only within the last three months we have seen the launch of Facebook places, Facebook Groups and Facebook Messaging.

The history of the enterprise seems a history of innovations. What is the next innovation and where will this end?

Facebook: a history of innovations

  • Facebook as a platform is innovative by nature: it redefined our social experiences. Hence, this technology had a tremendous impact on how people construct their identity. From time to time we tend to note a “I publish, so I am-trend”, meaning that if it didn’t happen on Facebook (or there are no traces on Facebook) it didn’t happen.
  • Secondly, with their “connect to facebook” technology, the social sharing experience was opened up to third-party apps.
  • The third innovation that we wish to bring forward is the implementation of the like button across the web. This might seem an easy trick but has loads of consequences. And it’s extremely nice for a savvy marketer! Why? Guess this is food for another blog post…
  • Finally, the innovative new messaging system which is rumored for bringing together text messaging, instant messaging and e-mail messaging. It seems as the Facebook Messaging Innovation took a classic “melt-to-innovate” approach.

Will the next innovation be mobile?

The question for us is: what will be next? What could be Facebook’s next big innovation? Let’s have some ideas flow on that …

Facebook Places @ Olympia London

Facebook Places @ Olympia London

  • Would a photo book app on top of Facebook be innovative? And what if you could collaborate with your friends on the creation of that photo book?
  • Would an e-newspaper based on posted articles by friends be innovative? In this manner you can leaf through a digital newspaper that contains all news shared by your network.
  • What are the chances they further develop an “office suite” on top of it? Would that be innovative? Would that impact the way employees work? Would it mean the definitive break-through of enterprise 2.0? After all Facebook obtained Docs from Fuse Labs that will allow to co-create and share text documents, spreadsheets and PDF directly within Facebook with all friends, family and (especially) colleagues.
  • Is the next big thing in the mobile sphere with Facebook Places? Shall we get suggestions to drink a beer with a friend in the bar behind the corner? Will it embrace AR technology?
  • Or will Facebook evolve into the basis for artificial intelligence, as one of the main (Russian) investors believes?

Framing innovation

Innovation is about adaptation! We don’t want to bother you with theoretical facts about the adaption of technological innovations, but please realize that in the end, it are always the people who decide whether an innovation becomes a mainstream success or not. For those interested in the theory on innovation & adaptation: it follows the statistical distribution known as Gauss.

Gauss graph - diffusion of innovation

Gauss graph - diffusion of innovation

Towards an augmented social reality? MediaPro review.

big brand speakers at mediapro

big brand speakers at mediapro

On November 2-3 we were among many others at Olympia London to attend mediaPro. The event is rather unique in its kind but brings real value to the people within the “marketing and media industry”. Or as the organizers describe it their-selves:

“Things are changing in the world of media and marketing. Marketers, agencies and media owners now know all about email marketing and websites. They tell us that what they want now is a next generation event that helps them take their marketing and communications to the next level: and that means integrating channels including offline, online and all the exciting new stuff in mobile, social media etc. And that means mediaPro!”

Mix of exhibitors and keynote speakers

Visitors enjoyed a nice mixture of keynotes and classic trade fair exhibition stands.

Our final impression after the event coincides into the question “are we heading towards an augmented social reality?”.

Let’s try to unravel what this means… and how we stumbled upon this thought…

Augmented reality … an interesting technology!

We were fascinated by the maturity of AR technology shown at mediaPro.
Have a look in the below video and be astonished about the possibilities this technology brings along!

Social media

How many times a day do you log on to Facebook, Twitter or similar “social media”?

At the show “social media” was a central theme: two theatres were specifically devoted to topics within the realms of “social media” and a lot of exhibitors (suppliers to marketing agencies, corporates, brands, media, …) stressed their social media technology (in one way or another).

What if you combine augmented reality with social media? Augmented social reality! Hooray! Tagwhat!

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