Business and targeting ethics? The co-operative case.

Promoting funeralcare services at a mediated sport event

Ever heard of the sport “Bowls”? We hadn’t before.

Basically speaking it’s a form of “pétanque” often played in the commonwealth nations. The goal of the game is to roll slightly asymmetric balls (bowls) so that they end up close to a smaller bowl, as demonstrated in the below video. But there’s something more to that video … something that has to deal with business ethics and marketing target groups…

The co-operative funeralcare as main sponsor

In the above video one could see multiple adverts at various locations of an enterprise called “The co-operative”. All ads promote their funeralcare services. The advertisements are everywhere: on the player’s shirts, on the left and right of the pitch, behind the players. The event visitors see it all the time – as well as people watching the game on their television.

Business ethics and customer targeting?

Is there a group that offers funeralcare services in a “retail way”? It might, The co-operative group strives to be a nation-wide funeralcare service provider with local branches all over the country.

Are visitors / viewers of the bowls sport a target group for funeralcare services? Yes, the place is full of elderly people. As the sport could be labeled rather boring, chances are big the television audience is equally old.

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