Globalization's impact on government's stability

Foreign affairs destabilizes Dutch government

Not so long ago, I planned to have a quiet evening in front of my television. Everything went fine until the evening news announced the fall of the Dutch government. Not being dutch myself however, I was astonished by the story. The government fell because of a dispute related to external affairs. This made me think. It was not just a dispute on external affairs. It was a dispute between two groups of people: the globalization group vs. the localization group.

NATO & the war on terror

The NATO is one of the first “globalized institutions” the world has known. It’s because of the globalized war on terror that the NATO asked for the Dutch to prolong their stay at Afghanistan to battle the taliban regime. Some of the dutch politicians are on the “globalization side” ; others are on the “localization side”. So, one part of the politicians were willing to agree upon the NATO request, others were not. This conflict seemed that deep that it meant the end of a government.


Globalization has always meant the following to me: “something that happens deep down in the jungle of Congo has an impact on the way people drive their car in Belgium”. Since today I will explain globalization with an other sentence: “a battle in the war in Afghanistan has an impact on the government’s stability of the Netherlands”.

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