Where is my Senseo / Nespresso sugar? Questions to a sugar cube factory!

Would it make sense to make a pad-and-capsules-compatible sugar cube?

Coffee. Loads of books have been written about it. Drinking coffee is an experience. And this experience has changed. At least when one thinks about new coffee machines that change the way we make, drink and experience coffee. What didn’t change was the sugar you put in your coffee: a cube. Why not change the sugar cube as well

cubing machine for the sugar industry by cfs-aquarius

cubing machine for the sugar industry by cfs-aquarius

What’s new in coffee machine land?

Question to the sugar industry

  • How would you market a sugar cube for Philips Senseo? For Nestlé Nespresso?
  • What message could you possibly bring?
  • What Channels would you deploy to reach that? Would you make it exclusive to stylish hotels, restaurants, bars?
    For Nestlé: only available through the community/club/members? Or full force retail? How would you package the cubes? And how do you believe this will influence the adoption of the new sugars?
  • How does such a sugar cube look like? Does such a cube require integration with the machines from the market leaders in pad- and capsules-land? Pads and capsules are integrated into the machines since you have to put them in to produce the coffee. Maybe the sugar cube needs to be integrated in the machine as to be able to introduce the sugar while operating the machine (in analogy to the pads). If you’d select this option you might even conclude that the sugar cube you were looking for does not necessarily needs to be a sugar cube as we know it today.
  • Would you need to team up with Philips and Nestlé? What would be the best way to develop business relations?
  • Do you have machinery in place that can handle mass manufacturing? Since this is a new product how much would it cost to build a machine that makes the special cubes?
  • How would you promote/advertise new sugar cubes?

Note on my coffee drinking behavior

I drink coffee. I enjoy coffee. I always drink it black. Sugar? No thanks!

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