Future of print: Large Format Sexy Ads!

Fact: printed matter is going down

Future of print is large format

Future of print is large format

Have a look at the amount of brochures, catalogues and newspapers that are printed today – compared to 10 years ago. Indeed, commercial printed matter decreases year by year. Of course, packaging printing will continue to exist. You can’t deliver without properly packing the good. But you can sell without a printed brochure or catalogue (just put it online as a PDF and it’ll do the trick).

Fact: large format prints add value

In the above I stated that packaging will continue to exist. This will also count for large format print. Large format prints provide additional value compared to commercial prints. Large format prints grab the attention of people. A brochure isn’t read thoroughly anymore – after all, they find the content on the world-wide web.

Suggestion: sexy large format prints

Sexyness has always been a trick to grab people’s attention. Nevertheless, sexyness should be used appropriately. It doesn’t make sense for all products. This page depicts a good example of sexyness within a large format print concept. It depicts a good-looking women next to a big shower head. The copy (Feel Dirty?) enforces the “sexual” aspect as well as it provides appropriate information about the company’s products: they provide solutions to make your body clean…


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