The app store economy: an innovative price model for publishers?

News behind a pay wall?

News behind a pay wall?

Newspaper publishers suffer for years now. The number of readers is going down – and as a result advertisers are less interested to put an advert in a newspaper. With the rise of the app store economy, publishers have the chance to come closer to a price model that works.

Strategy 1: news behind a pay wall?

In order to generate revenue there are plenty of newspapers who have turned news into paid content. The UK Times experiment with the paywall demonstrates that people say “No, thanks” and click away to another site when faced with a paywall at a news site. Source: The Times UK Lost 4 Million Readers To Its Paywall Experiment

Strategy 2: look at other industries (gaming industry) – The app store economy

The app store economy - innnovative pricing through inn-app purchase

The app store economy - innnovative pricing through inn-app purchase

Since there are loads of buzz within the publishing industry about publishing for the iPad, why not have a look at the opportunities of the app store economy? In the beginning of the Apple App Store, you had free apps and paid apps. After a while, they added a functionality called “in-app purchases”. In-app purchases mean that you can offer the apps for free and charge upgrades in the app – like e.g. in the gaming industry new levels.

Price model innovation newspapers: app store and in-app purchase

Consider this: a newspaper publisher creates an iPad edition. Would it make sense to offer the app for free, allowing everyone to read the entire newspaper on iPad? Would it make sense to limit the free articles to 3 and then offer “in-app purchase options” if one wants to read more? Would it make sense to show a summary of all articles and offer “in-app purchase options” to get the entire article?

We’d love to see publishers experiment with it and see whether the strategy from one industry can be applied to another one.


Innovate your twitter reading experience:

We stumbled upon a lovely and promising web app called “”. The app organizes twitter feeds into a newspaper-format. Shall publishers and marketing departments soon embrace this innovative technology? Or does the technology need to support multiple output formats before they do?

paper-li - create a newspaper of linked articles on Twitter feed

paper-li - create a newspaper of linked articles on Twitter feed

Your Twitter Feed as a Newspaper

The functionality and benefits of this web technology could not have been summarized better than by the organization that developed the tools. Here it is:

“ organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #tag. A great way to stay on top of all that is shared by the people you follow – even if you are not connected 24/7!” – source:

The Whispering_Web Daily

Of course we’ve been playing around with it and truly love it: great product.
Have a look at the Whispering Web Daily!

Output for other media?

How will the publishing industry and brands embrace this? Will it be a necessity for to generate an iPad compatible “website”? Will those groups ask for a different experience, such as presenting the stream in the format of a “leaf-through digital document”? Will traditional publishers feel the need to organize the stream in a printable document? Stated differently: is a truly personalized newspaper to become reality in this manner?

Just one more thing: developer of the app embraces Social CRM

As we are publishing this article, the application is being updated. We wonder what the new features will be. Looking forward to it.

But what’s at least equally important: SmallRivers – the app developer – not only builds innovative solutions. It also innovates its operations. In this respect, one could state that they strive to practice concepts as “Social CRM”, “BMI” and “enterprise 2.0”.

The update made clear that SmallRivers’ Customer Service deploys social media to inform their customers. In practice: twitter is used to inform them about the ongoing update. Just great!

Social CRM, one aspect for BMI and enterprise 2.0 (e2.0)?

Social CRM, one aspect for BMI and enterprise 2.0 (e2.0)?

Social CRM via Twitter - Enterprise 2.0

Social CRM via Twitter - Enterprise 2.0

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