Instagram for Android: Little Photo.

Little Photo - Instagram for Android

Little Photo - Instagram for Android

You probably dropped across beautiful instagram pictures by now. Instagram is an app (or a way) to share your life with friends through pictures. The idea is fairly simple: snap a pic with your iPhone, apply a filter to transform the look&feel and share it to your social network.

I have to say, Instagram instantly turns people into wonderful photographers. As I’ve always dreamed of being a good photographer myself, I believed the tools to turn into a photographer were finally within my reach.
All I need to do is getting the Instagram app, right?

Wrong! Unfortunately I use an Android device and Instagram is an iOS application. So I’m unable to use Instagram without getting a stylish (over-priced) iPhone. It turns out however that I’m not the only Android user who wants to use Instagram – as Google search suggestions demonstrate.

Instagram is iPhone only

Instagram search suggestions - Instagram Android.

Instagram search suggestions - Instagram Android.

As mentioned before, you need an iPhone to run Instagram. The photographic talent amongst Android users remain untapped. And regardless of the rumours about Instagram coming to Android I believe and notice that people are looking for alternatives. The best alternative I encountered so far is the free app Little Photo.

Little Photo: Instagram Android

I’ve experimented with a lot of Android photography apps up until today. But I really like Little Photo. Here’s why.

When accessing the app, you can take a picture with your camera or start from an existing image. Once you’ve done that, just touch the pic to experiment with filters and effects. The application has a bunch of filters and effects and you can go easily through all filters and effects and see how it transforms your image and consequently decide whether you want to apply it or not. The app supports multiple filters applied to the same image.

Next to the brilliant filters, it’s possible to save your image without overwriting the original file. Little Photo automatically creates a separate directory on SD card.

Finally, the app allows to easily share to different social networks. And as far as I know, it doesn’t create an additional social network as is the fact with Instagram. This sounds like a plus to me as I don’t want to engage on yet another social platform.

Little Photo example

Little Photo - White Shine

Little Photo

The above Little Photo example started from an existing photo that I did not take myself. I received this image from @JuliaPentcheva. It depicts a scenic winter landscape near the small mountain village of Momchilovtsi in Bulgaria. As the village is known for its “magic” I tried to “LittlePhoto-ize” that magic into it. Below is the original picture.

Original image

Original image

What after the Instragram Android release?

I wonder when Instagram becomes available for Android devices. Does somebody knows the ETA?
The question however is whether I will feel like making the switch after falling in love with Little Photo before…

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