Why stress when you leave for a relaxing holiday?

Crashing stats? It’s summer.

website visitor stats - seasonal fluctuations

website visitor stats – seasonal fluctuations

Regardless of your goals, KPI’s and other metric things, you need to attract visitors to your website after which seduction might occur. As I heard lots of web places suffer from declining visitor numbers during summer, I ran a little check on this blog. And yes indeed, my stats are also down. It seems as if sun and holidays influence online behavior. Makes sense. It’s way cooler to be outside than to scan the web for articles. Or did we collectively all just became less interesting?

Anyway, you shouldn’t stress out on these seasonal figures (unless you run an ice cream business or a pool business or you name it). What’s equally important however is not to stress about your own holiday. And that’s what I want to have about it today.

Pre-Vacation Stress?

Swimsuit? Check. Flight ticket? Check. Hurry hurry. Rush rush. Yell yell.

This might sound familiar to some of you. For me, this seems very contradictory. You’re about to leave for a relaxing holiday…Why do you create stress then? It’s completely useless. Below are some tips to relieve some pre-vacation stress.

  • Get your mindset straight. You’re leaving for a holiday. Why stress anyway? Excitement: yes. Stress: no.
  • Plan ahead. Cover and organize everything early. Time left is for joy and relaxation.
  • Ask help. Other people might take care of your pet, your house, your mail and even watering your flowers, …

Time to take of your shoes and enjoy your holiday.

No need for pre-vacation stress

No need for pre-vacation stress

2 Responses to Why stress when you leave for a relaxing holiday?

  1. John says:

    I hate pre vacation stess, but maybe it just makes vacation that much better…I always enjoy a few relaxing videos to keep my stress away – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3Suzdw4mZQ

  2. vermeiretim says:

    Hi John, it might make holidays better, but then again, for me it’s rather absurd that you stress out because you’re about to chill. Finally found the time to look at your video: nice. Reminds me of my own Roadtrip Holiday earlier this summer.

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