Metamindmap. With a Twist.




I was lucky enough to participate in a mindmapping workshop earlier this month.

While the workshop explained the goals and usage of mindmaps, I just started “drawing” as I usually do during meetings and events. During the workshop it became apparent to me that mindmapping had specific rules.

Result? Puzzled. Why should mindmaps follow specific rules? After all, they are just a means to an end. They are a way to structure thinking. Hence my view: mindmaps don’t have to follow guidelines, as the metamindmap above makes clear. Mindmaps with a twist are just as good as mindmaps following official guidelines.

What do you think about mindmapping? Does it need to follow guidelines? What do you use it for?
Do you make use of software? Or do you like pen and paper?

2 Responses to Metamindmap. With a Twist.

  1. sam salour says:

    I’m a student at the university of York studying mathematics and I have been using mind maps to solve problems, brainstorm ideas, make presentations and to write essays. I put my general Idea in the middle of the page and draw colorful branches and write a single word on each branch. It’s extremely useful and helps me see connections that would be very difficult to see without a mind map, I strongly recommend it.

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