Music Maestro! Shantel & FIHP to spark off Whispering Web TV.

Closing Summer with a Big Party

At the end of this summer I decided to take some time off and just enjoy myself with some spare time. After all, it was summer and I didn’t take a break from work. What’s more, I still didn’t up until now. However, I’m quite convinced though that I’ll take my lazy ass to a beach in October. Plenty of places in the world still offering summer in October: Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, …

FIHP & Shantel

One of the best experiences in my summer was the concert and performance from Shantel at FIHP.

Because I spend an excellent time and just like music really much, I want to share My experience with you. Hence I made a little video. And while producing that video, I came up with the idea to start my very own TV Channel.

Shantel to spark off Whispering Web TV! Yes, I might do videologs now to tell a story instead of writing it down. Yes, I might record cool keynotes on public events and share them on the Whispering Web TV Channel. Stay tuned!

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