I’m sorry not to auto-follow back on Twitter. On Twitter goals.

Auto-Follow on Twitter

Auto-Follow on Twitter

Please follow me back. Erm, nope, sorry.

You probably noticed it: your Twitter follower counter goes nuts on a daily basis. It’s quite remarkable how this number fluctuates massively. I guess we should all be pretty glad that stock exchanges are more stable. But why is it then that this number is so damn fickle?

Twitter: getting followers

I know, you want followers. And that’s quite logic since it doesn’t make any sense to spread messages through-out the real-time web without any human being (nor animal I believe) ever noticing your efforts. I don’t want to provide tips or guidelines to get followers here. But I do want to break down at least one strategy.

Auto-follow people who follow you

I noticed some people just assume that you follow back when they follow you. I have some issues with this approach.
Yes, it’s friendly. Yes, it’s social. But does it add any value?

Alternatives to your Auto-Follow strategy

If you want to be followed I recommend deploying other strategies, like sharing and spreading compelling content. Use hashtags to broaden your range. Some people look for new Twitter accounts via keywords / hashtags. If you pop up there, you might get a chance of being noticed … and followed as a consequence.

Another approach could be to not just ask for “follow me back” but to surprise the account by mentioning him/her in a creative, funny or clever way. Tickle me through an @-mention and the odds of getting followed rise dramatically!

Why I don’t auto-follow back? My Twitter Goal

I look at Twitter as an infosphere that I put together myself. Twitter is as my home-cooked first-class private teacher in Business and Marketing. I put a lot of effort in finding the right people to educate me, to follow. What’s more, it took me about a year to create a satisfying infostream. Yes, Twitter is full of crap. Finding the right people isn’t easy.

Without being rude, just adding people as a friendly gesture because they follow me, would just break down all my previous efforts.

Am I just a bastard? Checking who follows you takes time

I might sound like a bastard to you now. You might think I don’t appreciate your following. But of course I do! And I don’t want to be a bastard. Sincerely, I’m not. I just have a Twitter goal.

From time to time, I go through my follower base and look for people to connect with. Speaks for itself that those people do make a chance to become an essential part of my “virtual MBA Professor”. However, this takes some time. So if you’re waiting for a follow-back, please note that this can take up to 2 or 3 months as from the day you connected with me.

Follow on Twitter

Follow on Twitter

How do you use Twitter? What’s your goal?

It’s completely legal to disagree on the above thoughts. But that’s just the way I use Twitter. If you want to label me as a selfish bastard for using Twitter in this manner, please do so. And if you want to hit the “unfollow button”, do as you please, that’s legal as well. What’s more, I once was the “King of follow and unfollowing”. After all, I had to cook that teacher I was envisioning.

So, that’s about it. Don’t hesitate to “Follow or UnFollow” me on Twitter.
But what would be more of my interest: What’s your Twitter goal?

2 Responses to I’m sorry not to auto-follow back on Twitter. On Twitter goals.

  1. Stephen says:

    Good Post. Pretty intresting but i do have one question.. ? do you have other sites like this? Thnx.

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