Apple, Microsoft and Google to battle for internet-tv. Sony for victory?

Apple TV

Apple TV

Apple, Microsoft and Google try to acquire a strong market position for the rising internet-tv industry. We feel that everybody is underestimating Sony. Sony takes a different approach compared to the “big 3”. The strategy could well result in Sony being definitely one of the players within the internet-tv market space. Here’s why.

Internet-tv, Apple, Microsoft and Google

Internet tv brings the experience and options of the web to your television set. In order to integrate both media, the big 3 are eager to set the standard. Microsoft for instance is talking to the big media concerns to offer a new television service over the Xbox 360. In this respect, it follows Google’s path. Google launched Google TV in cooperation with Sony and Logitech but the project is not loved by the big media concerns because of the “free specs” of Google TV. Apple in turn released a new version of Apple TV.

What about smaller players as Netflix and Hulu?

The “Big 3” are facing competition in the US by smaller companies like Netflix and Hulu. Over time these services already became an alternative to classic cable subscription. But how do the big ones react to their offerings? The way to handle the “small players” seems to integrate their services. We notice that Netflix can be accessed through Apple TV, PS3 and of course Google TV.

The Sony Strategy: frenemies

Sony is betting on two horses. On the one hand, they co-create with their “frenemy” Google to support Google TV on Sony hardware. On the other hand, Sony is strong in the console gaming market with its Playstation. Gamers can also use the Playstation to enjoy internet-tv services. In this manner, Sony is in the market from multiple perspectives: a strategy that almost guarantees success.

Internet-tv to enter mainstream via gaming consoles?

The above cases make clear that internet-tv might be a service that enters mainstream via gaming consoles. What other manufacturers within this industry could have an impact on internet-tv? Nintendo? How user-friendly is navigating the web with a “Wii”? The Netflix services can already be accessed through a Nintendo Wii, so it will be interesting to see what role they will play…

Or will traditional electronics manufacturer play an important role?

While working on this article, we ran up to an interesting article discussing the position of Samsung within the internet-tv market. We suggest to read it here: “5 social media Apps for your Internet tv”.

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