Facebook Questions to impact R&D? On Crowdsourcing.

Facebook Questions will be available to everyone in the US within the next few weeks. Shall this impact the way enterprises handle R&D? Will this mean a boost for crowdsourcing? Can Facebook Questions and Facebook Groups improve business operations? Shall knowledge-workers deploy it to collaborate in an enterprise 2.0-style?

Facebook Questions' impact on R&D: crowdsourcing over Facebook?

Facebook Questions' impact on R&D: crowdsourcing over Facebook?

Global resources – crowdsourcing on Facebook

Corporations can rely upon the knowledge available through every Facebook user. And that’s a lot: more than 500 million active users. Without a doubt, one can find creative solutions for any challenge by addressing this “melting pot of knowledge” named Facebook Questions.

Benefits for corporations

Enterprises can drastically cut their R&D expenses by using the “free knowledge base”. But what’s more, by developing products in co-operation with the external world, the success rate of bringing it to the market increases. The logic: co-creation results in a solution that better matches the problems.

Consequences for individuals

The consequences for individuals are both negative and positive. Individuals have the opportunity to present themselves to tackle global challenges. On the other hand, competition among individuals gets tougher because of the global scale of the resources. In the end this results in better products. After all, the fiercer competition the better the result.

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