The power of Twitter for websites: own test results.

Tweeting the day away via your smart phone?

If you’re a Twitter user, you know what it’s all about. For those who don’t: twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows you to send out messages (limited to 140 characters) to the entire world.

Twitter - search for information

Twitter - search for information

Twitter for business purposes?

If you’re in business you might think of adding a “Twitter account” to your marcomm mix. After all, it might drive traffic to your website. Once you have those “Twitter-people” on your website, you can start to convince them. But not everything will turn into sales…

What else might happen?

  • A “tweet-reader” ends up on your webpage and decides to tweet about your webpage…your webpage has been broadcasted to people you never reached in the first place…
  • A tweeter retweets your statement and as a result your phrase is shared with people that didn’t initially follow you.
  • A tweeter might list you within a specific theme
  • A tweeter is by definition rather unpredictable, so almost everything might happen

My test results: this blog, the Bizz2Sozz twitter account

Based on the date of my first post, I started this blog at the end of February. While setting-up the blog, it came to me that to spread the ideas on this blog, another channel should come into play – as I can’t solely rely on my bloggin’ skills (if I have them, for you to decide). For this reason, I turned to and set-up an account.

Every time I posted a story on my blog, I tried to give it publicity by tweeting my views over the twitter platform. (I have to be honest: I forgot it a couple of times and backed this up by tweeting all articles at once. I know, not the perfect strategy). The workflow is rather easy: I write a blogpost, after which I summarize what’s in the article and add a link to the article (all in a 140 character phrase!).

Result today: a nice woman from Italy re-tweeted one of my stories, started to follow me and added me to a themed list. What will this bring along? New followers? We truly hope so, since the Italian woman is already followed by over 1 000 people, my article is now within the reach of more people than the 20 daily visitors on this blog and my 5 twitter-followers. If I have a closer look at this blog web stats … I can already see that the re-tweeted article is currently my “most read article”…

A re-tweet in Italy: no more words, just an image

Twitter, micro-blogging, sharing

Twitter, micro-blogging, sharing


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