Belgian election fever: reflections on extremism and their outdoor print ads.

Election in Belgium

Election in Belgium

Belgium is heading towards elections

Regardless of the fact that we are facing elections again in Belgium, I want to discuss the outdoor print poster of the right extremist party. For your information, they’re very nationalist. They rather see the northern (dutch-speaking) part of the country become a separate state instead of cooperating with the southern (french-speaking) part. Their driving factors are: a different language, a differently organized economic structure, money that flows from the north to the south, etc.

Language at the core of the party program

As stated above, language is a major point in their (ehrm) “ideology”. So they state in their posters: “Flemish people first” – written as “Vlamingen 1st”.

Problems with this statement

Either they make a dutch spelling mistake or they introduce English (1st, means first) into their campaign… Isn’t this a bit strange for a party who has Dutch language at the core of its existence? The ambiguity is clear to me…Empowering the stupidity of the right-wing.

A situation where I could have understand this approach

I could have understand this poster without worrying when the party had received list number 1 for the election. From a marketing point of view, the big 1 would have made clear that they were the first party on the election sheet. Nonetheless, they are not. They received number 7. The irony in here is that number 1 was granted to the flemish social-democrats – their ideologic counterpart.


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