Cycling: a unique marketing opportunity?

New cycling season : new brands

I agree, I do like cycling. Not just doing it myself but as a passive sportsman: watching it on the television. It’s also exciting however from a sponsorship side of view. Every year when the new season starts, I meet new brands. I rarely learn what the brands stand for actually. This year’s list of new teams (read: new sponsors):


New brands on top of my mind … but !

The above brands will be top of mind if you ask me “name a brand”. Nevertheless, I will never know what these brands are about (unless I browse them or meet them by accident). This was a starting point for a quick reflection on marketing opportunities in sport sponsorship, in particularly cycling.

Marketing strategy on cycling sponsorship?

I doubt the effectiveness of sponsoring a cycling team. I mean, it costs a lot of money and I doubt whether it’s earned back. Nevertheless: brand owners, keep sponsoring cycling teams! I love the sport and you have a broader task then just selling your products!

Better ways to involve marketing-wise in cycling races?

Another thing I noticed is the ability to get free “advertising space” during cycling races. Tomorrow there is a finish of a “Classic Flemish Cycling Race” not far from where I live. The streets are flanked with a lot of trucks – all hoping to receive a glimpse of the television camera. I believe this will prove to be a more effective way to involve in cycling compared to the sponsorship of UCI Pro Cycling Team. Reasons: local marketing opportunities, free, …

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