Search engine optimization as a PR tool

Search engine optimization

SEO is about tricks to put web pages on top of Google’s search results. It has proven to be a fruitful marketing technique in order to attract more visitors to your website. Another nice feature about Google manipulation is the way it has changed the PR game.

SEO for PR

The thing is: journalists are human beings as well and try to obtain the maximum result with a minimum of efforts. In their “search for news” they also rely on the internet. And most of the time they just “Google” for news. You suppose they would double-check that information. But due to lack in time, they often do not.

Means-end-chain: SEO for Thought-leadership

One of the great PR goals in today’s society is being the “thought leader” within the sector or industry. Studies have shown that being on the number 1 Google result page evokes the psychological effect of “the best, the biggest, etc.” For PR people today SEO could be a means to the end of thought-leadership.

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